Kavanah L'Mitzvos


Harness the transformative power of kavanah.

A person’s intent, thoughts and focus. The defining ingredient in a Jew’s mitzvah performance.

Infusing meaning into your life is a daily struggle. It feels like an ‘extra’ that you don’t have time or tools to access.

But it doesn’t have to be.

At KLM we know that every Jew can harness the life-changing power of kavanah. You can experience mitzvos as forging a deep bond with Hashem and fellow Jews. And we’re bringing you the kavanah tools to achieve this.

Our Mission:

Help every Jew understand and develop kavanah so that they
Enhance their attachment to Hashem

Become more similar to Hashem in their character development


The Man Behind KLM:
Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit

How KLM changed the way I approach my whole life

How KLM changed the way I approach my whole life

How KLM changed the way I approach my whole life


The Book That Sprouted A Movement

In 2016, Rabbi Wegbreit was enjoying his life as Mashgiach and Gemara teacher at Bircas HaTorah, a Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In his words, “I was learning Gemara. I was teaching Gemara. I loved Gemara! I was learning Mussar. I was teaching Mussar. I loved Mussar! Life was good.”

Life was good. Except…

“I was throwing blessings out of my mouth. There was no real connection between my mundane activities and Hashem. I felt there was something missing within me in terms of my mitzvos.”

And then Rabbi Wegbreit stumbled across a book that changed his life: ‘Ka’asher Tzeevah Hashem’ by Rabbi Daniel Garfinkel.

He studied it from cover to cover, absorbing the powerful lessons on kavanah for mitzvos.

“The concepts I learned in the book changed my life, no doubt. With some little tweaks to my consciousness, it absolutely changed everything for me.”

Rabbi Wegbreit knew he had to bring the awareness of kavanah to more Jews. And as a teacher gifted with the ability to clarify complex subjects, he created practical classes and easy-to-implement tools.

So many people have benefited from his shiurim on kavanah. Entrepreneurs, housewives, lawyers, executives, seminary girls and Yeshiva bochurim — they’re all seeking the same thing. And the KLM Foundation is showing them the path to get there.

“Their eyes light up when they tell me that KLM is life-changing and that it’s reinvigorating their whole experience of Judaism.”

His genius is finding practical ways to teach kavanah

“Rabbi Wegbreit is the living embodiment of intent – what he is, not just what he teaches. Rabbi Wegbreit just engages you and wins you over. If I would rate his shiurim for love and obvious energy — they’re off the charts. This is the real deal. He’s a torrent of content and energy and enthusiasm. The thing about Rabbi Wegbreit that I most appreciate, aside from his personal depth, of course, is his burning drive to find what works, to improve, to find new practical ways to teach kavanah. That’s one of his geniuses. Rabbi Wegbreit can somehow help people get the basic concept of how fundamental kavanah is, how it’s the purpose of why we’re here.”
– Carl Tishler, UK

Upgraded connection

“Your teachings entered my soul and gave me an irreversible upgrade of connection to HaShem, and a fast switch to happiness at any moment. Thank you!
– Nina

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