Kavanah L'Mitzvos

Transform mundane tasks & mindless mitzvos into moments of connection with Hashem.

You can achieve kavanah l’mitzvos using Rabbi Wegbreit’s eye-opening classes and resources. Make your daily routine meaningful — today.

I highly recommend this program
KLM shows us how to infuse mitzvos with meaning and joy. I highly recommend this program and wish Rabbi Wegbreit much hatzlacha in this vital endeavor. May it inspire all of us to bring nachas to our Creator.
– Rav Yitzchak A. Breitowitz, Kehillas Ohr Somayach
Like 3D Glasses
Rabbi Wegbreit takes mitzvos that we’re already performing and adds dimensions that totally transform it, like handing movie viewers 3-D glasses. It becomes a totally new experience. His precious teachings should reach the whole Jewish world!

– Sara Yocheved Rigler, Bestselling author

You’re no robot.

You know that the mitzvos are supposed to connect you to Hashem.

But somehow, repeating the same mitzvos every day seems to do the opposite. You find yourself living on autopilot— doing mitzvos mechanically—without touching a deeper place.

You’ve been “going through the motions” for so long, you think there’s no other way to live.

What if it took just a few seconds a day to infuse energy, meaning and fulfillment into your life?

Never perform another mindless mitzvah. Or chore.

With KLM tools, you can add meaning to every act. Every day.

Doing a task such as…

Doing a mitzvah such as…

You can level-up these ordinary tasks and mitzvos — which you’re doing anyways — into moments of real kavanah!

The KLM Foundation gives you easy-to-understand classes on kavanah and actionable tools. So you can infuse every act in your busy day with intent and focus.

Some practical tools you can start using today:

Like what you’re seeing?

Excellent content and passionate delivery

“Thank you so much for such a superb and uplifting Elul shiur! The content and presentation was excellent and your passionate delivery was palatable.”
– Julian Rachman
PE, LEED AP, Founder DFW Consulting Group, Inc.

Life-altering teachings

“Rabbi Wegbreit, thank you so much for all you are doing! I’m learning so much from your teachings. Truly life-altering for me, beyond words!”

– Neva Rosenow

The Man Behind KLM

Meet Rabbi Wegbreit.

Everyone has the same reaction to meeting Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit: “This guy is the real deal!”

Rabbi Wegbreit is the Founder and Educational Director of the Kavanah L’Mitzvos Foundation (KLM).

He started KLM in 2020 because he discovered a certain something was missing from his mitzvah performance — and he wanted to share his findings with you.

His genius is finding practical ways to teach kavanah

“Rabbi Wegbreit is the living embodiment of intent – what he is, not just what he teaches. Rabbi Wegbreit just engages you and wins you over. If I would rate his shiurim for love and obvious energy — they’re off the charts. This is the real deal. He’s a torrent of content and energy and enthusiasm. The thing about Rabbi Wegbreit that I most appreciate, aside from his personal depth, of course, is his burning drive to find what works, to improve, to find new practical ways to teach kavanah. That’s one of his geniuses. Rabbi Wegbreit can somehow help people get the basic concept of how fundamental kavanah is, how it’s the purpose of why we’re here.”
– Carl Tishler, UK

“Isn’t this kavana-talk for the super religious?”

Nope. You don’t have to be a bearded rabbi to have days filled with kavanah and fulfillment. You don’t even have to be fully observant to start adding kavanah to your day. You just have to be
Even if you’ve tried having kavanah before and weren’t successful, KLM’s uniquely practical approach can help you. (Rabbi Wegbreit’s teachings have helped hundreds of Jews like you so far.)

Wake up every morning to a life full of meaning.

Yes. You can have days full of kavanah.

Imagine a day when your every act — from drinking a glass of water to saying Shema — is a priceless moment of connection with Hashem. Having kavanah throughout your day gives you…

A better relationship with Hashem

Celebrate that you just deepended your relationship with your Creator. Through the mitzvah you did, you became more attached to Hashem, by thinking more about HaShem.

Enhanced eternal reward.

Celebrate that you just put away a million dollars in your eternal bank account. You just invested in eternal reward. What could be more profitable than that?

Upgraded personal development.

Celebrate that you acted consciously and mindfully. You took a step forward in perfecting your character. You acted with more integrity. You expressed consistency — between your speech and your inner thoughts, between feelings towards Hashem and your actions.

Grateful for Rabbi Wegbreit’s classes

“Rabbi Wegbreit, thank you. I am so grateful for your practical teachings to bring us all closer to Hashem. Your message is what we should be teaching our children when they first learn to daven. I hope your message can be shared with day schools. I am grateful to have found your classes and I’m on a mission to strengthen my kavanah.”
– Chava

Time, effort, and thought

“Thank you for all the time, effort and thought that you put into the shiurim. As well as Ayelet’s outstanding creative input (video animation) which contributes significantly to the presentation.”

– Karen Setzer
Bais Yaakov teacher, South Africa

It takes a village WhatsApp group.

Boost your growth with support from like-minded people. Join the Whatsapp group and get access to daily 1-minute videos about kavanah you can implement immediately. And become a part of a warm community working towards a common goal: better kavanah.
“The KLM What’s App group is a spiritual health shake. It gives me a quick and powerful boost to stay connected to what really matters in this world — and the next!”
- Steve Arenson, Founding Attorney at Arenson, Dittmar & Karban
“The KLM WhatsApp group helps me enhance my mitzvah observance and stay up-to-date with the Rav’s latest teachings.”
- David Rachman

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